Renewd® Watch Series 5 Space Gray/Black 40mm

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Zariadenie:Hodinky; Funkcie:Meranie tepu, GPS, Budík, Hudobný prehrávač, Kompas, Meranie vzdialenosti, Krokmer, Nabíjací, Prepojenie s mobilom, Vodeodolné.
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24 Měsíc(ů) mesiacov
Měření tepu, GPS, Budík, Hudební přehrávač, Kompas, Měření vzdálenosti, Krokoměr, Nabíjecí, Propojení s mobilem, Voděodolné
Popis Renewd® Watch Series 5 Space Gray/Black 40mm

Renewd Watch 38/40 mm

The sustainable alternative to your new Apple Watch: The Renewd Watch is a highquality used Watch that is in perfect technical order. Not only do you save on your costs, but you also contribute to a more sustainable future!

But what makes Renewd so reliable? Every Renewd Watch has been thoroughly checked and cleaned by certified Apple specialists and tested with official software from the manufacturer. This way, Renewd can ensure that each Watch Case contains 100% Original Parts, is technically in perfect condition and has no chance of technical malfunctioning due to the use of fake or third-party parts. Each Watch comes in its own durable packaging and with the latest software installed

The Apple Watch band wears out faster and gets dirty sooner. For this reason, Renewd has decided not to give the original band of the Watch a second life. This way, the Watch as a whole will last even longer, and you can be sure that you do not have to worry about hygiene.

Please note that Renewd is talking about 100% Original Parts. With the Apple Watch, this applies to the parts in the case of the Apple Watch and not the band, because it does not get a second life. The supplied cable is always original or MFI certified. The supplied strap is suitable for wrists with a minimum circumference of 16 cm and a maximum circumference of 19.5 cm

The process of Renewd is fully in line with the one of the manufacturers, which makes the products even more sustainable. By using 100% original parts, we meet Apple's strict sustainability requirements and ensure that no products with an excessive environmental footprint are introduced to the market. The Watch gets a second life and together we prevent it from ending up as e-waste far too soon.

When you choose a product from Renewd, you choose excellent service. In the unlikely event that something is wrong with your Watch? Then you are entitled to a 2- year warranty and can make use of the Free Pick-Up & Return Service. We will pick up your Watch at home and return it to you after repair. Renewd: Affordable and Green! Please note: these are used products and may contain minimal signs of use.

Renewd in short:

• Affordable and Green
• Always 100% Original Parts
• The strictest control in the market
• Fully in line with the manufacturer
• Free Pick-Up & Return Service

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